Single time source directly traceable to UTC. MiFID II compiant reporting. Accurate time stamping. Secure and resilient connection. Eliminating risks. Not a problem for NPLTime.

Builders of the first caesium atomic clock, keepers of the UK’s version of Coordinated Universal Time and now providers of time over optical fibre

NPLTime® delivers all 4 core elements of your ideal MiFID II-compliant time keeping solution that eliminates the risks of GNSS

Accurate and compliant

Accurate and compliant

NPLTime® is delivered with a one microsecond SLA – ensuring synchronisation with the reference time, and with all other users.



NPLTime® is monitored and maintained 24/7 up to the point of entry to your network. It is therefore directly traceable and certified to UTC at the point of provision.



Fibre optic links eliminate GNSS jamming, spoofing, urban canyon effects and solar storms to ensure resilience and security.

Simple set-up

Simple set up

NPLTime® is delivered by leading network partners. No roof access is required, and the system is compatible with private data centres or a third party data centre.

Choose your MiFID II compliant service plan

Both our Enterprise and Colo service plans achieve MiFID II compliance and eliminate the risks of GNSS. Whether you need end to end traceability across multiple sites with third party data centres or direct to your own private data centre.

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Download our ‘Complete guide to time stamping regulations in the financial sector’

  • A complete overview of the time stamping requirements of MiFID II RTS 25
  • Information on the reporting needed for proof of FCA compliance
  • How to eliminate risks and ensure your current systems are fully compliant
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From the National Physical Laboratory: the UK’s official UTC timekeeper

NPLTime® offers the financial sector a certified precise time signal, directly traceable to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and independent of GNSS. Since 3 January 2018, financial reporting systems must legally comply with stringent EU regulations for time stamping on financial trades known as MiFID II RTS 25.

That’s why, as the UK’s official UTC timekeeper, we have created NPLTime®. This end-to-end, ‘time-over-fibre’ service is delivered to the financial sector, in partnership with leading network infrastructure providers.

The foyer at the NPL research facility in Teddington

The reception area of NPL in Teddington


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